Since 2010, 1 December is dedicated to the commemoration of the signature of the Antarctic Treaty, which was adopted the same day in 1959. Antarctica Day was initiated by Our Space, Foundation for the good governance of international spaces in order to celebrate this historically unprecedented event achieved under the banner of science, peace and international cooperation. Indeed, the Treaty declares Antarctica as a scientific preserve, grants scientific freedom and bans military activities on the continent. Initially signed by 12 countries, the treaty now has 53 parties, including the main scientific players in the region and most of the G20 countries.

Antarctica Day is thus a good opportunity to reflect on the challenges of climate change in Antarctica and the rest of the World. The Swiss Polar Institute encourages research actors and other stakeholders involved in the region to mobilise and to make their voices heard. It is time to reach out to a larger audience!

Consequently, we invite you to celebrate Antarctica and the role of science in enabling a peaceful international cooperation. If you are looking for pedagogic material (available in German, French, Italian, English and much more) on the topic, just follow this link.

Thank you and happy Antarctica Day!