SPI contributes to the cost related to the participation in field schools and polar training programmes in order to enable master and doctoral students to acquire specialised experience and knowledge.

The programmes must relate to topics and disciplines relevant for or associated with polar regions and remote high-altitute areas.

Participants should benefit from high-quality teaching, enhance their field experience and benefit from new opportunities arising from an enlarged network of international contacts.

Eligible programmes

On a yearly basis, the SPI Secretariat, together with the STAB and the Scientific director of the institute, defines a list of eligible programmes.

Exceptionally, the SPI can approve the participation to other programmes if the suggested programme fills an existing thematic or disciplinary gap and does not compete with an already selected course. In such a case, the following criteria would be applied:

  1. Polar relevance
  2. International reputation
  3. Thematic and disciplinary complementarity
  4. Existence of a credible and competitive selection process of the participants

How to benefit from SPI support?

Students have to apply for the programme through the regular process set up by the organisers of the field schools or training programme. In parallel, they have to contact the SPI Secretariat and inform it about their application. If their application is accepted by the organisers, a grant agreement has to be signed between SPI and the participant.

SPI Contribution

Grantees need to submit a budget breakdown detailing the costs of participating to the programme in order to justify the grant. Eligible costs are subscription fees and travel costs (lodging, transport, visas, etc.).

The maximum granted amount per participant should not exceed 1’500 CHF in total.

For more information, contact: secretariat.spi@epfl.ch