The research vessel "Polarstern" returned from the Arctic on 12 October 2020. Ruzica Dadic was part of the last leg
As part of their PolARTS project, the author Gianna Molinari and the artist and photographer Christoph Oeschger accompanied the early-career
Because she was able to take the place of someone else, post-graduate student Amy Macfarlane impulsively postponed her planned return
MOSAiC Leg 3 This year, things seem to happen differently. It is true, globally, for all the changes induced by
Sunday March 8, 2020: Jörg, Guangyu, Michael and I are ready to fly to Ny-Ålesund for our second measurement campaign.
Even though the work on the ice floe is difficult and requires flexibility and perseverance, SLF doctoral student Amy Macfarlane
You know those days when nothing goes as you though it would? You have a plan and then life happens
The dramatic mountains and glaciers of the Himalayas draw visitors from around the world.  ‘Himalaya’ means ‘the abode of snows’,
The Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology received funding from the SPI to perform fieldwork in summer 2019 on Bowdoin
End of the campaign Last Saturday I packed the W-band Doppler radar (WProf), which has been measuring clouds and snowfall