Just after leaving Bremerhaven, the Akademik Treshnikov met Angus, a storm that swept through south-eastern England bringing some very strong south-westerly winds and heavy rain on Sunday morning. Pablo Rodríguez Ros, one of ACE Maritime University students, provides an overview on his blog, Super Science Me:

“The first days of sailing were horrible. We have been caught into a storm, producing waves up to 8 meters. The boat moves so much, we wake up. There are many fellow travelers who are so dizzy they do not even come out of their cabin. Severe weather made us arrive in Southampton one day later than planned, so we are already late.

It’s a good time to relax in the laboratory, write, think and, in general, do non stop science. One of the best things about having virtually no connection to the web is that it makes you much more attentive to your work. It is incredible how much time we lose, as I say, in front of the “pantallica”.

In laboratories, everything is tied tightly so that nothing can move. We still have some problems with the instrumentation but, in general, everything is perfect.”

The boat reached Southampton, UK, on Monday November 21, 2016 and will return to sea today.

To read more and watch Pablo’s videos on the boat, click here (in spanish).