A customised field medical kit for remote and polar regions can be made available free of charge to groups undertaking a scientific field trip in polar regions and remote high-altitude regions. SPI currently owns tow such medical kits, which have been developed by GRIMM in collaboration with the Pharmacie de Nendaz. Priority will be given to groups working in particularly remote and exposed terrain. The medical kit must be returned immediately upon return.

Groups wishing to make use of a field medical kit must comply with and understand the following conditions in order to guarantee adequate preparation and correct use of the medical kit:

  • Participation in the health and safety training by at least two scientists per group (but ideally, as many as possible);
  • One of the participants of the group to the health and safety training will be responsible for the appropriate usage of the field medical kit within the group;
  • Subscription to the SOS MAM telehealth service by all members of the group;
  • If possible, the usage of prescription medicine in the field must be coordinated with a physician from SOS MAM;
  • Teleconsultation with a medical doctor from the SOS MAM team if indicated before departure.

Alternatively, in view of repeated expeditions, a customised medical kit can be purchased by groups directly from GRIMM. The medical kit can be refilled before each expedition through the Pharmacie de Nendaz.

Additionally, GRIMM can provide qualified groups with advanced medical equipment upon request and at their own cost:

  • Hyperbaric chamber for expeditions at high altitude;
  • Trauma kit / immobilisation equipment (trauma pads, cervical collar, pelvic sling, tourniquet, traction splint, KED);
  • Dental emergency kit;
  • Intravenous fluids and medication, injections, and suture sets.

For more information about the SPI field medical kit, please contact .