Supporting Swiss polar science

The Swiss Polar Institute (SPI) was created to provide services to and promote synergies within the polar community in Switzerland.

The objectives of the SPI are the following:

  • Strengthening Swiss polar science to address global challenges: The SPI supports and enables the performance of cutting-edge Swiss research that addresses key global challenges in polar regions and comparable extreme high-altitude environments;
  • Facilitating access to infrastructure and polar science initiatives: The SPI supports the Swiss polar science community in developing or accessing national and international initiatives and the necessary infrastructure;
  • Creating new synergies: In its actions, the SPI pays particular attention to linking science from different polar regions and comparable remote high-altitude environments;
  • Federating the Swiss polar science community: The work of the SPI supports the synergies within the Swiss research community, with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary integration and the emergence of a new generation of scientists;
  • Bringing polar science closer to the Swiss public: The SPI seeks to enhance the visibility and understanding of polar regions and related scientific questions within targeted audiences in Switzerland;
  • Supporting innovative partnerships: The SPI helps position Switzerland as a key player in polar science, through research-driven national and international collaborative initiatives and the provision of new opportunities to access or develop infrastructure.