The uniqueness of the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE) is demonstrated by the huge variety and nature of the data collected. Simultaneously collecting data and samples from a circumnavigation of Antarctica over a period of 90 days in the southern summer of 2016/17 will give us a holistic view of the Southern Ocean and aid our understanding of this region.

Visit the SPI-ACE Zenodo community where you can find datasets, software and reports published by the ACE community.

Other datasets have been published elsewhere:

Dataset name Link / DOI
Acoustic recordings of whales from Sonobuoys DOI: 10.4225/15/59d5a05f6050f
Wave spectra from WaMoS (marine radar) DOI: 10.26179/5ed0a30aaf764
Reconstructed non-linear surface from WAMOS (marine radar) DOI: 10.26179/5b8378b160b02
Time series of metocean variables derived form WAMOS (marine radar) DOI: 10.26179/5e9d038c396f2
CAWCR Hindcast and ECMWF ERA-5 model predictions of wave spectral properties (wave height and period) and corresponding observed data DOI: 10.26179/5d280fa04c386
Aerosol optical density
Physical oceanography from SOCCOM / Bio-ARGO floats, platform codes: 5905069, 5905070, 5905072, 5905073
Benthic and intertidal organism specimens
Seabird and marine mammal observations
Antarctic springtail occurrence records DOI: 10.26180/5cd37a14de28b
Southern Ocean particulate organic Nitrogen isotopes DOI: 10.1575/1912/bco-dmo.805324.1
Pinnularia borealis diatom cultures DOI: 10.5883/DS-PIBORACE
Records of isotopes, anions, cations and organic compounds measured in the Bouvet Island ice core for the time period 2001-2016 DOI: 10.5285/96dc0dd7-b5db-4444-97af-8ddfab1e7f78
SNP dataset, analysis scripts, and raw phylogenetic & phylogenomic trees for the sub-Antarctic Ectemnorhinini weevils DOI: 10.26180/14446023
DNA sequences of sub-Antarctic Ectemnorhinini weevils Genbank accession numbers: MT701045-MT701503