Telemedicine services offer medical advice and remote support to groups out of reach of medical infrastructure. This can be a crucial support measure in case of a medical emergency in polar and other remote environments.

Swiss groups who wish to make use of telemedicine support can contact SPI which has established a partnership with SOS MAM.

SOS MAM is a medical consultation service for trekking and expedition groups who are travelling to remote destinations. This 24 hour/7 day service is provided by an international group of mountain medicine experts from GRIMM in Switzerland and Ifremmont in France, through a medical association called Altidoc. The SOS MAM service is intended for outdoor professionals, experienced mountaineers, and travellers who regularly practice outdoor activities in remote environments. It is hence perfectly suited for scientists working in polar regions.

All participants will receive a medical checklist to help evaluate their health status before departure. Based on this checklist, participants can choose to organize a consultation with one of the SOS MAM physicians, either in person or by teleconsultation.

Before leaving, the expedition leader will register all expedition participants on the online telemedicine platform provided by SOS MAM. All medical information obtained during teleconsultation is confidential and stored on a secure medical server.

During the expedition, the 24/7 call center can connect SPI expedition members with one of the SOS MAM physicians. All physicians are highly trained and experienced in mountain and expedition medicine. Bear in mind that SOS MAM does not offer any travel insurance or repatriation services.

Participation in the health and safety training offered by SPI to the Swiss polar community is mandatory in order to subscribe to the SOS MAM service. Visit the page on health and safety training organised by SPI for more information.

Note: registration costs of 40.- CHF per person for this service are not covered by SPI.

To register or receive more information on this service, please contact .