Published papers from ACE

Project: Measuring phytoplankton abundance and composition (PI: David Antoine)

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Project: Studying Biodiversity in the Antarctic (PI: Steven L Chown)

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Project: Evaluating carbon storage capacity in seabed organism (PI: David K Barnes)

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Project: Reading Antarctic’s past in ice cores (PI: Elizabeth Thomas)

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Project: Uncovering the mystery of the ocean’s “False bottom” (PI: Andrew Brierley)

Le Guen, C., Suaria, G., Sherley, R., Ryan, P. G., Aliani, S., Boehme L. & Brierley, A. S. (2020). Microplastic study reveals the presence of natural and synthetic fibres in the diet of King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) foraging from South Georgia. Environment International, 134:105303.

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Project: Aerobiology over Antarctica (PI: David Pearce)

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Project: Antarctica to reveal pre-industrial atmosphere (PI: Julia Schmale)

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Project: Surveying Organic Reactive gases and Particles Across the Surface Southern Ocean (PI: Rafel Simó)

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Project: Measuring the changes in the ocean’s capacity to absorb CO2 (PI: Dominic Hodgson)

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Project: Testing the diversity of marine refugia on sub-Antarctic islands (PI: Nerida Wilson)

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Project: Investigating air-sea interactions (PI: Heini Wernli)

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Project: Measuring phytoplankton abundance and composition (PI: Sarah E. Fawcett)

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Acoustic mapping of endangered Southern Ocean whales (PI: Brian Miller)

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Project: Understanding the plankton’s strategy to survive (PI: Michael Ellwood)

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Project: Biodiversity in contrasted regions of the Southern Ocean (PI: Christel Hassler)

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Project: Observing interactions between winds, waves, currents and ice (PI: Alessandro Toffoli)

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Project: The impact of microplastic pollution on the food web (PI: Peter Ryan)

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Project: Monitoring of threatened albatrosses and penguins (PI: Henri Weimerskirch)

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