Impressions, anecdotes and experiences from the field. Authors are beneficiaries of SPI funding. The posts present the authors’ reflections of their field experiences.

Artistic sampling – Maëlle Cornut

Notes from the field, Ferpècle and Mont Miné Glacier, Valais, Switzerland, 2022-2023 2022When I discovered the field on 12 July 2022, I was amazed by the proximity of the Mont Miné Glacier and by the beautiful alluvial zone of Ferpècle. One of our first activities was to hike to the […]

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Latent Cardiac Arrhythmia in Climbers on Mount Everest – Thomas Pilgrim

Extreme altitude poses exceptional challenges to human physiology. Manifestations of acute mountain sickness, reduced exercise tolerance, and sleep deprivation are well recognized consequences of the hypoxic hypobaric environment. Other sequelae are less apparent but may nevertheless be associated with substantial risk. Sudden cardiac death accounts for the majority of non-traumatic […]

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Filling the high-Arctic gap in Europe-wide plant re-distributions during the Anthropocene – Sabine Rumpf

In the summer of 2023, the Ecology research group of the University of Basel embarked on a six-week field campaign to re-survey historical vegetation data in Svalbard with the core question of how Arctic and alpine plant distributions respond to environmental change. Scientific background: Arctic and alpine plant responses to […]

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Investigating the roots of methane: how does permafrost thaw alter peatland methane cycling? – Tiia Määttä

Having grown up surrounded by northern peatlands (wet ecosystems that accumulate peat), I greatly respect these unique ecosystems. In old Finnish folklore, peatlands are often depicted as something ominous, mysterious, and dangerous: the dead could be seen guarding their hidden treasures in the ancient peat, diseases could spread from their […]

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