Impressions, anecdotes and experiences from the field. Authors are beneficiaries of SPI funding.

Peeking inside a Himalayan glacier – Evan Miles

The dramatic mountains and glaciers of the Himalayas draw visitors from around the world,.  ‘Himalaya’ means ‘the abode of snows’, yet many of the region’s visitors may not realize that these glaciers are themselves composed of snow, slowly transformed over time into ice. Although the compaction, metamorphism, and densification of […]

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Greenland Fieldwork 2019 – Eef van Dongen

The Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology received funding from the SPI to perform fieldwork in summer 2019 on Bowdoin Glacier, an outlet glacier of the Greenland icesheet. This glacier is quite special, because despite its high flow velocity (up to 2m/day where the glacier ends in the sea), it […]

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Impressions from the field by Sonam Wangchuk

The fieldwork in the Bhutan Himalayas, funded by Swiss Polar Institute, was successfully executed in association with the National Centre for Hydrology and Meteorology of Bhutan (NCHM), Cryosphere Service Division (CSD), Ministry of Economic Affairs, Royal government of Bhutan. The team was comprised of 15 individuals: 5 NCHM officials and […]

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