Impressions, anecdotes and experiences from the field. Authors are beneficiaries of SPI funding. The posts present the authors’ reflections of their field experiences.

69°47 N 50°23 W – Fieldnotes from Gianna Molinari and Fien de Doncker, pictures from Christoph Oeschger

As part of their PolARTS project, the author Gianna Molinari and the artist and photographer Christoph Oeschger accompanied the early-career researcher Fien de Doncker on her field trip to West Greenland. Sediment cores, seabed topographies, stories, sounds and pictures were collected. Fien De Doncker: The world I experienced around Ilulissat […]

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Greenland Fieldwork 2019 – Eef van Dongen

The Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology received funding from the SPI to perform fieldwork in summer 2019 on Bowdoin Glacier, an outlet glacier of the Greenland icesheet. This glacier is quite special, because despite its high flow velocity (up to 2m/day where the glacier ends in the sea), it […]

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