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  • Science conducted in and around polar and high-altitude regions is critical to understanding the evolution of the Earth’s climate.
  • Due to the complex logistics, challenging access and difficult safety conditions in these extreme environments, the Swiss polar community requires specific competencies and dedicated support.
  • The Swiss Polar Institute (SPI) offers tailored support to scientists based in Switzerland who work in polar regions and remote high-altitude environments.



Remote Scientific Fieldwork & Social Dynamics Course

29 May 2024 | 10:00 - 16:30 @ Alpole, Sion


Fieldwork is an integral part of geoscience research. A positive and supportive group culture is an essential part of ensuring that field teams can be maximally productive and safe during field campaigns.

In this course led by Mylène Jacquemart, postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich, we will cover leadership and communication tools that can help field team members, regardless of their position in the team, contribute to creating such a positive environment.

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Swiss Polar Day 2024

12 September 2024 @ University of Fribourg

This event is the annual gathering of the Swiss polar science community and includes national and international keynotes, networking opportunities and updates on recent developments in polar research.

The Swiss Polar Day 2024 will be held in Fribourg.

The registration is now open and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Explore all SPI funded projects

Every year the Swiss Polar Institute awards competitive grants to scientific projects in the Arctic, Antarctic and remote high-altitude regions. This section offers an overview of the scientific projects supported by the Swiss Polar Institute in polar and high-altitude regions.




Funding for field access, logistics and technology


International Collaboration and Agreements


Information events, scientific workshops and conferences


swiss polar class educational programme


Expeditions organised by the SPI


Courses and support measures for fieldwork



Featured Images

Polar Access Fund: Artificial ice reservoir (ice stupa) built to enhance water management in Ladakh
© Suryanarayanan Balasubramanian, all rights reserved
Image Gallery
Polar Access Found: iceberg fill the Narsarsuaq fjord in Greenland.
© Hanna Rosinger, all rights reserved
Image Gallery
SPI Exploratory Grant: Fieldwork on vegetation patterns above Zackenberg Research Station in Greenland
© Christophe Randin, all rights reserved
Image Gallery
Calving iceberg on Sermeq Kujalleq glacier, summer 2023. The scale is hard to capture, but this iceberg is rising up more than twice the height of the calving front which is approximately 130-150 meters high.
© Janneke van, all rights reserved
Image Gallery
A Polar Access Fund grantee is recovering GPS data in order to monitor a landslide near the Portage glacier (Alaska).
© Raphael Moser, all rights reserved
Image Gallery
© Evan Miles, all rights reserved
Image Gallery
SPI Technogrant: Prototype for a low-cost and robust electrical resistivity tomography monitoring system for remote permafrost environments
© Christian Hauck, all rights reserved
Image Gallery
Polar Access Fund: Challenging access to fieldwork site on a debris-covered glacier in the Garhwal mountain range in northern India
© Marin Kneib, all rights reserved
Image Gallery
Field & Summer School: International Geochronology Summer School, Switzerland
© Giovanna Ceppi, all rights reserved
Image Gallery