By Peter Ryan, onboard scientist, expert in general ornithology, seabird-fishery interactions, evolutionary ecology, marine debris, solid waste management, biology of oceanic islands.

Leg 1, Day 20.

Another calm but cool day on the Akademik Tryoshnikov found us steaming south-southeast on the great circle route towards Hobart. The protracted CTD station was delayed due to relatively shallow water, so we ran transects from 5-13h00. Birds were fairly monotonous, with mainly Antarctic Prions circling around the ship. The last Fulmar Prion was seen at 9h38 just after 80°E. On station, few birds were present, but the calm conditions resulted in several cetaceans being seen, including a distant pod of Hourglass Dolphins.

Bull Kelps Durvillaea antarctica were quite abundant, with 44 pieces observed. At least one piece of plastic litter was seen.

Antarctic Prion 100 Wilson’s Storm Petrel 13
White-chinned Petrel 5 Light-mantled Albatross 3
Black-browed Albatross 2 White-headed Petrel 2
Fulmar Prion 2 King Penguin 1
Rockhopper Penguin 1 Wandering Albatross 1
Southern Royal Albatross 1 Southern Giant Petrel 1
Cape (Pintado) Petrel 1 Kerguelen Petrel 1
Blue Petrel 1 Slender-billed Prion 1
Northern Giant Petrel +
The ship was investigated by Antarctic Prions – seeking a possible new nest site?