By Peter Ryan, onboard scientist, expert in general ornithology, seabird-fishery interactions, evolutionary ecology, marine debris, solid waste management, biology of oceanic islands.

Leg 2, Day 3.

Another fairly quiet day approaching the polar front. More seabird species were seen, including five albatrosses and two storm petrels:

Short-tailed Shearwater 107 Mottled Petrel 21
White-headed Petrel 20 White-chinned Petrel 3
Wandering Albatross 2 Black-browed Albatross 2
Southern Royal Albatross 1 Grey-headed Albatross 1
Northern Giant Petrel 1 Sooty Shearwater 1
?Antarctic Prion 1 Black-bellied Storm Petrel 1
Grey-backed Storm Petrel 1 Brown Skua 1
Light-mantled Albatross +    

Despite fairly calm seas, the only marine mammals seen were a small pod of Hourglass Dolphins, which remained close to the ship for a second or two before charging off with their characteristic splashes. Four Bull Kelps were seen; as usual no litter was observed.

Filling up space: a head-on view of a White-headed Petrel from Monday…charging away


Virtually the only thing photographed today – Hourglass Dolphins charging away