On Thursday 20 April, at Katuaq Culture House in Nuuk, Greenland, a signing ceremony between the Swiss Polar Institute and the Greenland Research Council ushered in a new chapter in the collaboration between Greenland and Switzerland at the service of climate.

The signing took place in the presence of the Minister for Education, Culture, Sport, and Church Peter Olsen and
the Ambassador of Switzerland to the Kingdom of Denmark Florence Tinguely Mattli.
NIS Chair Josephine Nymand and SPI Executive Director Danièle Rod signed the Memorandum of Understanding
in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The signing ceremony was held during the visit of the Ambassador of Switzerland in Denmark Florence Tinguely Mattli. She emphasised that international collaboration and shared expertise are key in mitigating climate change:

“Switzerland and Greenland alone cannot stop climate change. However, as highly affected regions, we can provide evidence by demonstrating the effects of climate change and continue raising international awareness. We can also go a step forward and share expertise to mitigate the risks of climate change and natural hazards. Switzerland is willing to contribute to this goal with its expertise in science and technology. This is the reason of our presence in Nuuk today.”

— Florence Tinguely Mattli, Ambassador of Switzerland to the Kingdom of Denmark

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Greenland Research Council and the Swiss Polar Institute formalises the cooperation to support joint research projects on natural hazards, including the Konrad Steffen Grant research projects on landslide and avalanches, but also in other areas. The signing ceremony was part of the second leg of the science-policy exchange between Greenland and Switzerland held from 18 to 21 April 2023 in Greenland. It included a stimulating programme with overviews of joint projects, a public outreach event at Taseralik Culture House and workshops on potential new areas for collaboration in science and education. The film Towards No Earthly Pole by renowned Swiss artist Julian Charrière and presentations from Swiss and Greenlandic scientists to discuss the impact of climate change concluded this inspiring exchange.

Group photograph in front of the Arctic DTU building in Sisimiut.
From left to right: NIS Vice-Chair Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen, NIS Chair Josephine Nymand, Madam Ambassador Florence Tinguely Mattli (Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark), SPI Executive Director Danièle Rod, NIS Secretary Maliina Jensen, Prof. Jürg Schweizer (Director SLF Davos), Deputy Head of Mission / Science Councilor Kaspar Grossenbacher (Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark).

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