In collaboration with Swiss skipper Oliver Heer, the free educational programme Swiss Polar Class will publish new learning content focused on oceans during the famous Vendée Globe race.

Available in French and German, this new module for primary schools offers a novel way to better understand the role oceans play in global climate while following the Vendée Globe, the ultimate solo sailing challenge circumnavigating Antarctica.

The ocean teaching module “Cap au Sud / Segelrennen um die Antarktis” is tailored to primary classes (5H to 8H / 3rd to 6th grade). The various chapters cover the history of human exploration of Antarctica, the importance of ocean currents, ocean life, the role of the Southern Ocean in global climate, and its transformations due to anthropogenic activities.

The official launch is planned for early October 2024 and various content will be published every other week from October 2024 to March 2025. The module will also allow enrolled classes to receive fresh news from Oliver Heer during the race and to follow him and other competitors as they sail their way around the world.