68.97° North, 33.08° East – Cloudy and calm sea

Start of the Arctic Century Expedition

On 5 August at 17:00 local time, the Akademik Tryoshnikov left the harbour of Murmansk according to plan, heading towards the Barents Sea.

The participants of the expedition arrived in different groups on the 4th and early on the 5th of August. They were brought directly from the airport to the vessel. Everyone arrived well, the ship is in great shape and all the participants and crew members are now looking forward to the upcoming expedition. 

Upon arrival, everyone had their temperatures checked. All participants are vaccinated and will also have to undergo a second COVID-19 test after departure.

The next steps are safety training of the participants and the set-up of all the equipment brought on board in the different laboratories of the vessel.

Header photograph: Loading bay of the Akademik Tryoshnikov.
Rights: @ 2021 Swiss Polar Institute, CC BY 4.0