Articles by: John Maxwell

Day 1

68.97° North, 33.08° East – Cloudy and calm sea Start of the Arctic Century Expedition On 5 August at 17:00 local time, the Akademik Tryoshnikov left the harbour of Murmansk according to plan, heading towards the Barents Sea. The participants of the expedition arrived in different groups on the 4th […]

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Start of the Arctic Century Expedition

On the 5 August 2021, at 17:00, the research vessel Akademik Tryoshnikov left Murmansk with 59 international scientists on board and hence officially starting the Arctic Century Expedition, organised jointly by the Swiss Polar Institute (SPI), the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI), in Russia and the Helmholtz Centre for […]

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Day 0

Arctic Century – a multidisciplinary scientific expedition to the Laptev and Kara Seas The Arctic is warming faster than almost any other territory on Earth. As a result, the region is changing rapidly: glaciers are melting, sea ice is disappearing and permafrost is thawing, which, in turn, will further accelerate […]

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© Alfonso Ferrone

Rocky and snowy Dronning Maud Land

Rocky and snowy Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, is a strategic location for collection of data and samples. Alfonso Ferrone’s project “Summer campaign at “Princess Elisabeth Antarctica” research station, in the Dronning Maud Land region of East-Antarctica” was supported by the Polar Access Fund, 2019. © 2021 Alfonso Ferrone, all rights […]

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© Akçar Naki

Summer nights at Mount Nils Larsen

Shadows of Mount Nils Larsen do not cover the field camp, since the Sun does not set during these beautiful Antarctic summer nights. Akçar Naki’s project “DEAIS: Changes in the Drainage Pattern of the Eastern Antarctic Ice Sheet through Time” was supported by the SPI Exploratory Grant, 2018. © 2021 […]

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Fieldwork on Himalayan glaciers

Fieldwork was carried out to measure the accumulation rates of Himalayan glaciers. Evan Miles’ project “Accumulation via Borehole teLeviewing at high Elevation (ABLE): proof of concept” was supported by the Polar Access Fund, 2019. © 2021 Evan Miles, all rights reserved

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MOCCHA campaign guard

MOCCHA campaign guard ensures the safety of the crew, mainly against polar bears, as it is usual during fieldworks in the high Arctic. Andrea Baccarini’s project “Participation in the MOCCHA campaign in the high Arctic onboard of the ODEN icebreaker” was supported by the Polar Access Fund, 2018. © 2021 […]

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