69.97° North, 33.82° East – Cloudy and calm sea


The preparation for the Arctic Century expedition already started months ago. Two containers with scientific equipment were sent from Switzerland to Kiel in order to be loaded onto the Akademik Tryoshnikov.

The research vessel arrived in Kiel on 22 July where the Swiss containers and the equipment from the German scientists was loaded. Additionally, food and other goods were brought on the ship.

Together, we were now focused and looking forward to starting with the science programme.

On 25 July, the Akademik Tryoshnikov left for Murmansk.

@ 2021 Swiss Polar Institute, CC BY 4.0

Header photograph: These carefully labelled boxes travelled in containers to reach Murmansk, in view of the departure.
Rights: @ 2021 Swiss Polar Institute, CC BY 4.0