Originally foreseen for August to September 2019, the GreenLAnd Circumnavigation Expedition (GLACE) was designed as an unprecedented complete circumnavigation of Greenland in a single expedition over a 2-month period. The goals of the expedition were to provide access to the remote and as yet critically understudied Northern Greenland area and to offer a unique opportunity to investigate the marine, terrestrial, atmospheric and cryospheric environments of the Arctic.

GLACE Travel Plan

The original GLACE scientific programme was composed of 15 different, synergistic research projects, bringing together scientists from a wide range of disciplines and from around the globe. A description of the original science plan and the individual projects can be found in the GLACE brochure.

While the original GLACE expedition of 2019 and its exact scientific programme had to be cancelled, the SPI remains committed to the ambition of realising this expedition in the future.