GreenLAnd Circumnavigation Expedition (GLACE)



The GreenLAnd Circumnavigation Expedition (GLACE) plans to offer an unprecedented complete circumnavigation of Greenland in a single expedition over a 2-month period. The goals of the expedition are to provide access to the remote and as yet critically understudied Northern Greenland area and to offer a unique opportunity to investigate the marine, terrestrial, atmospheric and cryospheric environments of the Arctic.

The GLACE scientific programme is composed of 15 different, synergistic research projects, bringing together scientists from a wide range of disciplines and from around the globe. Research questions will target the physics, chemistry and biology of sea-ice, glaciers, lake sediments, terrestrial ecosystems, the ocean, and the sea floor. Swiss polar science has a strong standing on the expedition, as six of the research projects are led by scientists from Swiss research institutions.

Originally foreseen for August to September 2019, the GLACE expedition had to be postponed. The Swiss Polar Institute is working closely with international partners in order to carry out the expedition in the near future.

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GLACE Travel Plan
GLACE Travel Plan