Quervain Prize Award Ceremony

On 23 November, the Swiss Alpine Museum in Berne will host the annual Award Ceremony for the Quervain Prize, which rewards young high altitude and polar researchers. The Quervain Prize is awarded by the Swiss Committee on Polar and High Altitude Research and other Swiss research actors of the same […]

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Celebrate Antarctica Day!

Since 2010, 1 December is dedicated to the commemoration of the signature of the Antarctic Treaty, which was adopted the same day in 1959. Antarctica Day was initiated by Our Space, Foundation for the good governance of international spaces in order to celebrate this historically unprecedented event achieved under the […]

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The SPI Call for Ideas is open!

In order to define its future priorities and activities, the Swiss Polar Institute is asking for inputs and ideas from the Swiss Polar Community. Please contribute and make sure your ideas are submitted! The deadline for submission is Friday 12 January 2018. For more information on the call, please click […]

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